The world of Hans Cristian Andersen

The world of H.C. Andersen is fairy tales, imagination, experiences and surprise - and more than that

You will be able to experience this diversity in the modern world of H.C. Andersen at the festival. The inspiration is to a great extent derived from professor Johs. Nørregaard Frandsen from H.C. Andersen Centret, University of Southern Denmark. Nørregard Frandsen has formulated the seven central concepts which in the festival is specified as the world of H.C. Andersen.

Central concepts in the world of H.C. Andersen

The basis for the collaboration between researchers and festival is that the respect for H.C. Andersen’s art and life’s work is maintained as central concepts in the festival. It is moreover essential that H.C. Andersen and his complete world can be experienced as something relevant and relatable for modern people.

- The central concepts show how great the broadness and stature are in the works of Andersen. All things considered, H.C. Andersen is so great as artist and as cultural icon that he cannot be used too much. It is therefore only respecting H.C. Andersen, when he is made the central icon in the festival. Odense is illuminated in his honor in H.C. Andersen Festivals. It was what he was foretold as a boy and it was what happened to him in 1867 when he became honorary citizen in Odense. H.C. Andersen and his art are astoundingly modern! The themes that are present in his fairy tales are themes and issues which we modern people to a great extent know of or face, says Johs. Nørregaard Frandsen.