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Deadline for applications for H.C. Andersen Festivals 2020 is November 1st 2019.

Application form is closed. 


The call for applications for next year’s festival will open September 9th.

Application deadline is November 1st for H.C. Andersen Festivals the following year. You can expect to receive an answer to your application by the end of December.

Who can apply?

Anyone who has a good idea for a project or performance related to the festival’s central concepts, and who can successfully deliver the project.

Which projects can apply for funding support?

It is possible to apply for funding support for any type of project and its related costs, excluding costs for marketing. Projects implemented by established cultural institutions cannot expect H.C. Andersen Festivals to subsidise payment of employees or standard operating costs. The projects must be carried out within the festival area in Odense city during week 34 in August.

What should the application include?

  • Contact informations
  • Category (Theatre/dancing, art, music, workshops, subculture, cultural communication)
  • Brief project description (max. 10 lines). In addition to the written description you can include a link to a short video presentation (optional – of max. 3 minutes).
  • Target audience
  • Detailed project description
  • Description of the project’s relation to the festival’s core values
  • Implementation schedule
  • Location and staging requirements (i.e. stage measurements, need for sound equipment, etc.).
  • Budget

It is important that you read and agree to the Terms and Conditions on the application site. By sending in an application you accept these terms and conditions.

Upon filling in the application form, we suggest you first write your answers in Word e.g. and then copy the text into the application form. Please notice that bold, italics and underlining will disappear when copying into the application form.

Terms and requirements

To be included in the H.C. Andersen Festival's official program the project must live up to the terms and requirements.

Read and download these here.

How to write a good application

In general, place emphasis on your application being clear, thorough and reader-friendly.

  • The application should not be too long, but does need to adequately address all questions in the application form
  • As the applications may be read online, it is important to answer each question separately, and not simply refer to other fields/answers already given
  • Be as specific as possible

If you apply for funding support from the festival, it is important that you detail the budget and calculate the exact amount you wish to apply for in Danish Kroner (DKK). State clearly whether the amount is per performance or for the project in its entirety.

Your project must relate to the core values in the festival’s Hans Christian Andersen universe. We recommend that you read about the central concepts and that you clearly relate to them in the application form.

How are the applications assessed?

The applications are reviewed by the festival’s selection committees with expertise in the fields of theatre, dance, music, art, subculture, street performance and cultural communication. It is the subject committees which decide which projects will be approved for the festival. They will consider the project's:

  • Quality
  • Relation to the festival's central concepts
  • Relevance to the festival
  • Budget

Application form

The application form for 2020 is closed.