Bo and Lise loves H.C. Andersen Festivals

Bo and Lise joined H.C. Andersen Festivals five years ago for the first time.

21. August 2019

It was a coincidence that made Bo and Lise sign up as volunteers at H.C. Andersen Festivals five year's ago. An ordinary conversation at the hairdresser made Lise volunteer and it has been a success. Since that day, the couple has been ready to help with the festival preparations.

"It was Lise's idea, that we should volunteer. But we live outside of Odense, so somebody had to drive her. And that was how I volunteered too," said Bo, while he laughs and continues:

"It is a fun experience and you get treated very well".

As a small family

The many volunteers secures the execution of many hundred activities during the festival. Bo and Lise has been married for 38 year's and lives in a small town outside of odense. Every year the drive between their home and Odense to participate as volunteers at the festival.

Bo and Lise are both retired and loves the atmosphere and the people that they meet during the festival. They know all the employees at the festival office and has created good relations to the other volunteers. That has been one of the primary reasons why they do it.

"The way, that the festival treats us, is the best. We are actually as a small family with the volunteers and the employees," says Bo.

Does everything they can for the festival

It is not all types of tasks, that are important for the couple, who has helped with all types of tasks. Bo and Lise has reserved all of August to help H.C. Andersen Festivals when the needs are there and they enjoy helping were they can.

"We have the time for it, so it is fun," says Bo, while Lise adds:

"It is us that the festival calls, if something is suddenly missing."

One day, when Bo and Lise was out shopping, the festival called because the sponsor team needed help. They quickly drove home with their groceries and went to Odense.

"This is how we do, if the festival needs an extra set of hands. They don't hesitate to call, but that is also what we agreed on," says Lise.

The couple has agreed, that they will continue to volunteer for the next couple of year's and hope that the festival will continue for many year's.