Cheers and hugs: Noa Noa won the decoration competition

There was cheers, hugs and happy days when we found the winner of the decoration competition.

23. August 2019

"Is it for real?! Wauw!" Cheered the store manager at Noa Noa Vibeke Bjørnbak, when the festival surprised her with the first place in the decoration competition.

"We are so happy," said the happy store manager while she hugged the representatives from the festival and gave a high five to the responsible employee Nanna Chrisoffersen.

The evaluation from the judge was:

"The play with the material, words, paper and stories is what characterizes Hans Christian Andersen. As a clumsy Hans he understand, that words is not just words and that clogs can be used at other things than wearing them. It is the same at Noa Noa, that creatively plays with the materials that they have and creates a small fairytale out of it," says Henrik Lübker, Museum Inspector, Odense City Museums.

The second place went to the jeweler, C. Antonsen.

The third place went to the antique store, Antik Blå.