H. C. Andersen Festivals 2020 is cancelled

Anything can happen in the world of fairytales - also the less good and unpredictable things. One of the characteristics of the fairytales though, is that they all have a happy ending, and therefore we are looking forward to the next Festival in 2021

The intake of the Corona virus has now also deep consequences for the H.C. Andersen Festivals. Taken the serious situation in consideration and after the Prime Minister of Denmark announced, that all bigger gatherings will be prohibited until the end of August, we had no other opportunity than to cancel the Festival in 2020.

“Anything can happen”

In our fairytale universe, anything can happen. Unfortunately, the less good stuff too. H.C. Andersen Festivals are incredibly sorry of having to cancel this year's festival due to the circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus, but we also 100% support the fact that we must take care of each other and ourselves by keeping distance.
A huge cultural festival with events in various format and size for all ages, including adventurous performances and quirky experiences should have filled Odense's squares, streets and alleys in week 34. Unfortunately, this will not be this year, which both frustrates us as organizers, but also the many volunteers, our good sponsors, the thousands of visitors and many others who each year make the festival one of Denmark's biggest cultural events.

"Of course we disappoint a lot of people by canceling the festival, but there should be no doubt that the festival will return in 2021," says the director of H.C. Andersen Festivals, Peter Bøgholm

A happy ending

Most fairytales have a happy ending, and this is also the case in our fairytale universe. H.C. Andersen Festivals will be back, and the secretariat is already planning against a terrific festival in 2021. Many of the events that should have taken place this year can be experienced there. And if you can not wait or get enough of the adventurous, cultural universe, there will be updates on the website and social media on what is in the pipeline and what you can already look forward to in 2021. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!