One weekend in the sign of Hans Cristian Andersen

A hard week of work has soon come to an end, but the weekend is near.

23. August 2019

H.C. Andersen Festivals 2019 has soon come to an end, but we can still presend a great program for the weekend.

Experience street performance, music, comedy, theatre, opera and many other things! Read here and get inspired.

Street performances

Mission H.C.

Saturday at 12.00 and 13.30 and Sunday at 12.30 og 14.00

Experience two clown detectives who needs your help to find the missing Hans Christian Andersen.

Wonder drink

Saturday at 14.00 and 18.00

Experience the brazilian, Mantega Isernhagen, and his fascinating show ’Wonder Drink’.

Sweet Dreams

Saturday at 17.00 and 19.00

The italian Luigi Ciotta takes you on a journey thorugh the sugar land with his funny show Sweet Dreams.

Shows and performances

The bell

Friday and Saturday at 22.00 and 23.30

If there is one show that you must experience during this year's festival, then it is The bell.

Experience a magical 3D show on water based on the fairytale The bell.

Hans og Grete in Eventyrhaven

Saturday and Sunday at 11.00

Take the kids to Eventyrhaven and experience Odense Summer Opera, when they perform the fairytale Hans and Grete.


Friday and Saturday at 21.00, 22.00 og 23.00

Experience a dark mood in the thoughtful performance that focus on the relationship between humans, nature and the future.