Tony Fratello returns to the festival

When Tony Fratello returns to the festival this year he will be accompanied by his wife.


As a universal language everyone understands, a smile is the shortest distance between people. And smiles are exactly what the street clown Tony Fratello hopes to evoke with his audience. Even better is it if the smile transforms into laughter of joy:

I try to leave a smile and a reflection every time I'm on stage. Laughter is something simple and healing that fills our soul and with this comes the reflection of how little or how much we laugh and why we sometimes don’t, says Tony Fratello.

And the act of smiling has led to many wonderful things for the smiling clown. For instance, he has got to know various of people via the Hans Christian Andersen Festivals. The first time Tony Fratello performed at the festival was in 2018, and back then he knew no one here. That, however, was quickly changed:

When I arrived in 2018, I didn't know anyone there, but the volunteers at the festival and people from the public made me feel at home. From there I kept in touch with several people and that is wonderful, says Tony Fratello.  

Tony Fratello describes this year’s festival as a reunion, where he hopes to meet both new and familiar faces. Yet, this year will be different as he has invited his wife on this adventurous trip to Odense – and that is something special for the clown with more than 10 years of experience:

It is the first time that I travel with her, and it will be something wonderful to share the festival and get to know Odense and the nearby cities. It is a dream come true!

You can meet the Street Clown Tony Fratello on Gråbrødre Plads.  
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