Getting around

Here you can find help getting around in Odense during the festival.

One city – many experiences

In week 34 Odense is visited by many people and with a festival area that covers all of the city center it can be of help to have a guide to how you get around in the city – especially as a visitor.

The route planner

This is your assistance during the festival when you are navigating around between the events. The municipality of Odense is behind the Route Planner (Ruteplanlæggeren), which is a liveapp that guides you around Odense, whether you visit by car, bike or walking.

Here you can stay updated about changes in traffic and get redirected in case of roadwork or similar. You can also type in your current position and from here be guided to event place or area which you wish to visit.

You can find the Route Planner here.

Get around by bus

Do you need to get around in Odense by bus? Then you can find the information, prices and schedules here – including information about the free buses in the center of Odense. These are named 10C (city center) and 10H (the harbor) and drive shorter routes, where you can get on and off for free.

FynBus offers, in cooperation with DSB, cheap transportation to and from this year’s H.C. Andersen Festivals. You can buy the ticket through the FynBus Mobilitet app or in the webshop of FynBus here. The tickets are put up for sale the August 9th and cost 59 DKKR for each ticket. The ticket also gives you the ability to travel to and from H.C. Andersen Festivals – no matter where on Funen you travel from.

The ticket is valid for the whole day, however, not in the night buses/trains (unless this is stated on the ticket). The ticket is valid for both DSB and FynBus within the fare area of FynBus. The free rule with children is not valid for the event ticket, as well as there not event tickets for children.

Information shops in week 33 and 34

During H.C. Andersen Festivals we establish information shops in the streets, where you can get answers to general questions about the festival, pick up daily programs, flyers, etc. During the festival in 2020 there are two information shops, which you can visit if you have the need. Below you find the addresses as well as the opening hours for both:

Information shop 1

Week 33:

Monday – Sunday, 10.00-18.00

Week 34:

Monday – Sunday, 10.00-22.00

Sunday, 10.00-18.00

Information shop 2

Week 33:


Week 34:

Monday – Friday, 11.00-17.00

Saturday – Sunday, 10.00-14.00