H.C. Andersen Festivals is for everyone.

Experiences for everyone

With the walking streets of Odense as the primary festival site, the majority of H.C. Andersen Festivals is accessible for everyone. Many events take place outdoors in open areas.

On this page we've gathered some useful information which will help in planning your visit.

Parking facilities

With a valid disability parking permit you are able to find free parking at many locations in the centre of Odense. Take note of the specific regulations on the signposts, however, to check if the parking is free or needs to be paid for. Please be aware that you have to place your valid parking permit somewhere clearly visible (e.g. in the front window) as well as remembering to set your parking time disc according to the regulations for the specific parking spot.

More information about accessible parking spots can be found here.

We highly recommends that you arrive early for your planned visit, as only a limited number of dedicated parking spots with enhanced access for the disabled are available.

Toilet facilities

You can find several accessible toilet facilities in and around Odense City. All are easily accessible for wheelchair users, although some require a small payment in order to ensure optimal maintenance/cleanliness. You can find an overview over the placement of toilet facilities here.